Sunday, March 20, 2005

The art of smiling

Smiling seems to be a simple thing but you can get more out of a smile than
what any body would think.

This is the way:

1) smile

2) study the texture of our smile (sathi)

3) wish every body well while smiling (samadi, metta)

4) do this when ever you can or when reminded about it - smiling may not
appear odd in public

5) if you are in deep concentration - occasionally wish that you would reach
this mental state when smiling

6) grind your teeth and wish every one well

So smile with a difference.

NB: deep concentration while in a lecture might not be a very good thing.
There might be a possibility that you will get cut off from what the
lecturer is talking but if your concentration is supported by effort to
listen and mindfulness this might not be the case


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