Friday, April 01, 2005

A good leader

A good leader will look after the needs of his followers. In a case were a
conflict arises he may not take any side but will do his best to protect the
interest of all parties concerned.

E.G. a person who has been an executive of a company for long might feel
threatened when a recently a pointed executive is thriving. This might be
further aggravated if the senior management has a good relationship with the
newly appointed. In a case like this the best approach is that:

1) give and opportunity for the older person to show his capabilities (1st
identify what this is properly, otherwise the opportunity will not serve the
purpose). Give the person opportunities to acquire more professional
qualifications and training by sponsoring him to Workshops, Conferences,

2) Work out a plan to accommodate both parties, while assuring their career
progress. (This might include giving the parties responsibilities in
different work areas or possibly regions.)