Saturday, May 28, 2005

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Hallmark of a Budding Leader

A leader keeps his head strait through crisis.

Here are some thoughts along this line:

*) Tough times do not always last but tough men do stand strong and tall after a crisis.

*) There is a store of wealth and power to grab in trying to put order into a crisis or help people in a crisis. When there was the gold rush in USA the people who hade money was who sold jeans and tranceport services rather than who rushed into get rich. The company that I am working now is in business since they are them selfs trying to solve a "crisis" situation in the broadcasting industry. In addition, they take the supportive role to the companies that wants to make big money.

Making of a Leader

Leaders raise to the occation. Generally they are the once who make the most out of a crisis. The rise of Hittler, Musaloni and the like are good examples. Though the examples I used are of infamouse leaders in real life things can go both ways depending on the teperament of the person.