Sunday, May 21, 2006


The government should promote companies and underwrite them if they are of national impotence. The government should have such a portfolio of investment. Capital intense companies should be formed in such a way and then sold on the stock exchange over a long period until the government held portfolio is of a desired size. Also part or whole of the money gained by such gradual selling should be re invested.

Cooperative Associations

Cooperatives help poverty alleviation through synergies.
A membership based organisation can be formed. It can undertake business actives and a pre-agreed proportion of profit can be re distributed at the end of the year. Members may be employed or may seek other employees.


Cause of poverty:
1) Choice or life style or circumstances
2) Lack of entrepreneurial skills, capital and resources.
3) Lack of job oriented skills
1) Encourage a conducive culture
2) Government investment (stocks and debt instruments) and venture capital
3) Education
Out of these 2 needs a lot of attention. It also increases bargaining power of the labour market and provides opportunity for the economy to develop through innovative entrepreneurship.

Economics & Govenment

The government should engage in:
Strong investment activities.
But it should not:
Have government enterprises.
It should not engage in funding companies or enterprises.
It should refrain from subsidies and Infrastructure projects.
It should not have agencies.
Infrastructure and other government related work should be through sub contacts.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Application Specific Hardware Pricing

I believe when accessing price for performance in application specific hardware, the test should be of the price performance it gives to the price performance of other solution in the specific application area. General bench mark of other solution should not be used since they will surely be misleading in the domain, and will not show the true relative merits of any application specific solution.